NIKU Farms - Local Organic Farm Meat Subscription Box

Are you looking for quality, responsibly-raised meat directly from local Ontario farms?

From Niku:

We handpick farms that raise animals the right way; on pasture, eating what they’re meant to eat. This allows you to make sound purchases that will both benefit the environment and your family. We have meat delivered directly from our partner farms to homes across Ontario.

Honest Farms & Ethical Raising

Our partner farms focus on their animals’ health and wellbeing. No industrial practices, no confined spaces, no cutting corners. We only work with farmers that are dedicated to doing the right thing, and are always looking for ways to improve.

100% Grass-fed & Chemical-free

All of the animals are raised completely on pasture, free to roam around and graze as they please. They are fed pesticides-free grass, with poultry and pigs supplemented with non-GMO feed. No antibiotics, no added hormones.

Biodegradable Packaging

When you buy through NIKU Farms, you can feel comfortable that you are contributing to a better earth. Upon the 2021 federal government restriction of one-time plastics, we believe it's more vital than ever to do our part as a company to minimize waste as a country, and to inspire all those companies that are still using wasteful packaging to make the switch!

Want to start your subscription? Click the link below to get started!



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Online orders not available

Currently, we are not able to fulfill online orders but please visit us at our Brantford location or at the Wincey Mills in Paris. You can also sign up for our newsletter and we'll notify when the online store is available!


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