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Vinegar with a dark caramel colour, featuring smooth, rich and woodsy aromas of spice, caramel and fig. Its sweet and complex taste reveals slightly tangy notes.


Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, Tawny Port wine*. *Certified Tawny Port wine produced in Portugal. Contains: Sulfites

Ideal to deglaze the pan and enhance a sauce. Just a few drops will elevate your soups and make a cream of pumpkin or zucchini absolutely delicious. Mix with our orange olive oil for a match made in heaven.

A remarkable blend of grape must, tawny port vinegar and cabernet sauvignon vinegar, aged 4 years in French oak casks. This vinegar is crafted according to a method invented in 1823 by German chemist Schützenbach. Unlike most commercial vinegars, it undergoes a long aging process. Ten times slower than usual industrial techniques, the Schützenbach method consists in exposing the alcohol to the air as much as possible by circulating the vinegar in various sections of a large tank. The greater contact area between air and alcohol intensifies the transformation of alcohol to vinegar by bacteria. This method allows the vinegar to better retain the flavours and aromas of the base wine, while also imparting a mellower taste.

Porto (Portugal), transformed into vinegar according to the Schützenbach method in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain.
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