3 Spritzers for You!

There can never be too much shrub!  Add to your favorite spirit in place of or combined with sparkling water for an amazing cocktail mixer!


Blueberry Lemon-Thyme Balsamic Sparkling Shrub

2 cups Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic

1 cup fresh blueberries crushed

2” sprig fresh thyme (optional)

8 cups chilled sparkling water


Strawberry – Peach or Umeboshi Plum Balsamic Sparkling Shrub

2 cups Umeboshi Plum White Balsamic OR Peach White Balsamic

1 cup fresh strawberries coarsely chopped and steeped in

8 cups chilled sparkling water


Fresh Kiwi & Mango White Balsamic Sparkling Shrub

2 Cups Mango White Balsamic

1 cup peeled sliced kiwi fruit

8 cups chilled sparkling water


2 cups of your choice of white balsamic
1 cup fruit, herb, berry, or vegetable of your choice
8 cups chilled seltzer water or sparkling water (without sodium added)

In a one liter mason jar or container add the fresh botanical ingredients. Pour the balsamic over the fruit and allow to "infuse" for at least one hour or up to four hours under refrigeration. The longer it sits, the more pronounced the flavor of the fruit infusion. Strain and keep refrigerated and tightly covered for up to one month.

To serve, add 1-2 tablespoons of infused drinking vinegar (shrub) depending on your preference for sweetness to 8 oz. of chilled sparkling water. Serve over ice if desired. 

Makes between 16-32 servings depending on amount added to water or cocktails.

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