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Pronunciation: SHUH-TOO-EE

Estate: MedGold (Veronica Foods)
Country of Origin: Tunisia
Intensity: Robust
Crush Date: November 2020

This extraordinarily high phenol Organic Chetoui registers the highest phenol count of the season and is among the highest in the world. It has delayed and significant “punchy” pepperiness and lingering bitterness signifying the healthy antioxidants. True to its high phenol content, we’ve dubbed this fiery EVOO a “3 cougher”. Contains notes of green tea leaf and hints of malt.

*Biophenols: 1,127.9 ppm!
FFA: 0.27
Oleic Acid: 65.3
Peroxide: 6.7
DAGs: 94.2
*PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment
Fruitiness: 4.8  Bitterness: 4.3  Pungency: 5.0

*As measured at the time of crush

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